I did it!

My Tahoe Rim Trail journey is complete! I hiked 170+ miles in 20 days, with almost 25,000′ elevation gain.

Hiked close to 18 different lakes, and around one giant one, and saw many more in the distance.

Crossed 38 different streams/creeks.

Encountered 5 thunderstorms.

Spent 5 nights completely on my own (the other 14 were either at lakes where everyone was camping or there was at least one other group that I knew was nearby.)

Experienced countless hours alone (but less than you’d think since there were so many people on the trail).

Watched several spectacular sunsets and wonderful sunrises.

Set up 19 different campsites.

Had 1 blister.

Acquired a trail name.

Interviewed 15 ladies for my Solo Female Thruhiker project video I’ll be putting together for my YouTube channel.

Met up with 6 Instagram/Facebook friends.

Took a million pictures and videos.

Got about 20 mosquito bites.

Saw a bagillion squirrels and chipmunks and birds, 1 coyote, and 5 deer. Zero bears.

Had one amazing adventure!

More stories and pictures to come!