2019 year-end hiking review

Last hike of 2019
12/31/19 Hike 9 of 52
2 miles
Total miles so far: 24.3 since starting the 52 Hike Challenge on 11/12/19

I wasn’t consistent at all with my 2019 training hikes during the summer, so I didn’t log nearly as many miles as I thought I would, but I’m pretty pleased with what I did accomplish – especially considering that I only hiked somewhat consistently during 6 months (Jan-Apr & Nov-Dec), and I didn’t go on very many longer hikes as I had hoped.

2019 # of days logged on trail: 82
Average mile/hike: 1.8
Total 2019 miles hiked: 145.1

But it is now 2020, and time for some new goals. Obviously with my thru-hike of the Tahoe Rim Trail coming up this year, I will log more miles than last year. But I need to up my miles long before then! I need to start getting in 5-10 mile hikes on a weekly basis. My plan for the TRT is 8-12 miles per day (depending on water sources). The longest daily hike I’ve done in recent years was 6 miles, and that was back in November. Gotta do better!

Here’s to the start of more training!

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