Weekly Hike #1


Well, I tried. I had a great little hike planned for me and the girls today.

We were going to get on the trail by 8:30 so the mud was still frozen, hike 2-3 miles, explore some beautiful areas, and be home by noon.

But at the last minute, I was needed to babysit my 7yo and 4yo nieces. We still went on the hike, and we did get home by noon, but we didn’t get on the trail till 9:30 (so by 10 it was starting to thaw and get pretty mucky), and because of the mud and a bunch of young kids, we only ended up going 1.7 miles round trip.

It was still a fun outing, and all the girls (including me!) loved the area and we had a great time. And there is always next week.

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